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21302Re: [NTB] Problem with search/replace

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  • Don Daugherty
    Aug 6 2:25 PM
      mikegrant65@... wrote:
      > I have noticed an odd bug with search/replace in NoteTab Light 6.12
      > I perform a lot of search/replaces on text files to change ^L to ^P, and when I do I get the usual message, eg "173 replacement(s) made in text". However - and here is where the bug appears - if I then click "Replace all" again (even though there are no ^L characters to be replaced) I get a message saying the exact same number of replacements have been made. If I then click "Replace all" yet again, as well as the message I get two ^C characters inserted before each ^P character
      I believe that you are trying to replace Line-feed characters,
      represented by the token ^L, with Paragraph characters, represented by
      the token ^P -- see regular Help, "Find in Files". Since the Paragraph
      character is in fact a carraige-return/line-feed pair, NoteTab always
      will find new Line-feeds to replace. If you're trying to do something
      different, let us know, and I'm sure someone will have a solution for that.
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