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21284Re: "Access Denied" so can't view HTML in browser

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  • Sheri
    Jul 16, 2009
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      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, David Ash <yho@...> wrote:
      > Since I upgraded NoteTab Pro, it tries to put its temporary "efo"
      > files in the C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro 6 folder. If I'm not in
      > Administrator mode, access to that folder is denied, and so "View in
      > Browser" doesn't work for HTML files.
      > I never had this problem with version 4.9. I assume I can change the
      > temporary storage location in Version 6.12, but haven't yet found a
      > way to do it.
      > Why did it work before, but not now? Is there a simple solution?
      > D+

      It only seems to happen if there is no directory info showing for the current document on the title bar. I think the solution is to save a file at least once before attempting to view it in the browser. Then (if the document is subsequently modified) the efo file is temporarily written to document's home directory (and removed when NoteTab is closed).
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