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21256RE: [NTB] Search Disk

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  • Praising Jesus
    Jul 1, 2009
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      Well, that was some help - I found it - a little more obscure:

      J:\Users\Mike\AppData\Roaming\NoteTab Pro\Favorites

      Now I have to figure out why none of the desktop search engines found it ;-)

      Thank you. Now you folks say this is limited to files with less than 65
      items, correct?


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      Praising Jesus wrote:
      >I don't "keep" them anywhere - they go wherever they go by default. Is
      >a configurable option where they should be saved? I have tried Google
      >Desktop, Windows Search and Windows Search Companion and the file doesn't
      >seem to reside on my hard drive.

      Then I think everything should be in Application Data. Do you find
      the favorites folder there? It should be something like
      C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\Application Data\Notetab Pro\Favorites\

      Do you use Light by any chance? I just tried with Light and I can't
      find "Search Disk.fvr" either. I thought this was supported by all
      versions, but maybe it isn't. Anyone else knows?


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