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21178Re: [NTB] Version 6.1 new version install file ?

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  • chilli_palmer@sbcglobal.net
    Jun 8, 2009
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      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Eric Fookes <egroups@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > > When I recently upgraded from 4.95 to 6.1, I was given a download
      > > link for this 3.2mb NoteProFull_Setup_610.exe install.
      > This retail package includes the spell-checker dictionaries and
      > thesaurus files.
      > > Then once installed, in Help menu it checked for updates, and I
      > > downloaded another 1.8 MB version called ntp61_Setup.exe
      > This update package is smaller because it does not include the
      > spell-checker dictionaries and thesaurus files. If you no longer have
      > those files, you can always download them again from the NoteTab Web site.
      > > It did not say that I was up to date, so I downloaded the smaller
      > > file. Is there any reason/downside to installing this? If it is
      > > unnecessary, why is it a smaller size, and why do they sort of
      > > suggest by making it available for download that it should be
      > > installed?
      > The ntp61_Setup.exe package contains a slipstream update that fixes
      > issues in the version installed by NoteProFull_Setup_610.exe.

      Eric, so then I should always install the smaller packages? I just did after reading this, but it still gives me the same message in Help to check for updates, then the listing to download it again.

      Let me ask my question this way, and I would think it would save you bandwidth...Is there any way to know for sure that you are up to date after checking for updates in Help offers you to redownload? If you don't have that feature, maybe you could have the update check results report back a last change revision of the same version? Even if I right-click on that smaller ntp61_Setup.exe file, all the "Property" menus say it is only 6.1 (no indication of a new 6.1.1 or build number).

      Thanks, and have loved using Notetab for as many years as I can remember.

      > Regards,
      > Eric Fookes
      > http://www.fookes.com/
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