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21075Re: word wrap doesn't work

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  • Sheri
    May 22, 2009
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "rbreichart" <rbr27@...> wrote:
      > The actual operation of NoteTab's "word wrap" and "wrap to
      > column" functions comes across to me as upside down to any normal
      > expectation. Of course, that may well make then stronger and more
      > efficient when they're used as the designer conceived them.
      > However, after studying the "help" paragraph and experimenting
      > with several different settings on the document I was trying to
      > work with (both on with column=60 and =76, each one on/off, and
      > both off,...) I find that the effects are unpredictable and often
      > the opposite of what I expected.

      Overall I find NoteTab's help pages helpful, but in this case I agree with you.

      Now that I understand that hard breaks are inserted when you use wrap to column in Standard or Light, I would advise to simply avoid the setting. The Split and/or Join and/or Reformat Lines actions are available from the menu, and then the occasional placement of additional hard breaks is user-driven. Paragraphs in Windows text files usually should be all on one "line", which is consistent with avoiding column wrap.

      To summarize:

      - Ensure that wrap to column is not enabled by default in Options on the Document Tab. Unchecking it will not affect the appearance of existing documents.

      - Do not enable column wrap for individual documents.

      - As long as column wrap has not been used for a given document, word wrap works predicatably, wrapping at the window width.

      To remove column wrap from an existing document:

      - Ensure there is an empty line between each paragraph

      - use Modify-Lines-Join Lines

      - After column wrap has been removed, word wrap can again be used to predictably wrap for viewing at the window width, or within margins for printing (if word wrap is enabled on Page Setup).

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