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21073Re: [NTB] Re: word wrap doesn't work

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  • Eric Fookes
    May 21, 2009
      Hi Sheri,

      > It does seem odd, possibly a bug. If you activate column wrap for a
      > document, it immediately updates the wrapping once. But removing the
      > column wrap option (either by unclicking the checkbox or by selecting
      > Document Default Properties) does not provide the expected immediate
      > change in format. Neither do subsequent attempts to enable and
      > disable (normal) word wrap. The column wrap boundary doesn't seem to
      > get visibly removed until you reload the document.

      No, it's not a bug. The option works very differently from NoteTab Pro.
      When you set Column Wrap, NoteTab Light/Std does a Split Lines operation
      at the specified column width. Unchecking the option does not remove the
      inserted line breaks. NoteTab has always worked this way.


      Eric Fookes
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