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21045Re: [NTB] Installing version 6 over version 5

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  • Bill Mosca
    May 15, 2009

      I'm really not as computer illiterate as I seem. I can create shortcuts. I can even create them using VBScript and VBA. I just found the install of NoteTab 6 frustrating in that there was no option to over-write and since the updater is called an updater and not an upgrader I expected it to remove the older version. But that's my problem. When I went to create the lost shortcut is when I saw the two versons installed. Uninstalling 5 after installing 6 caused 6 to break.

      Upon re-installing to a generic NoteTab folder things did go fairly smoothly, although I did have to download the dictionaries. Hopefully, that's all I lost. I have backups of my .ini file and libraries.

      I was just expressing my experience and opinion as a customer. I would think the company would want that kind of feedback. I know I want my users to let me know when one of my applications is not doing what is expected.

      And I appologize to Mr. Fookes for misspelling his name. I didn't even know that was a person's name. I just knew it was the name of the software. For all I knew, Fookes meant "My" in Swedish. I happen to have a good friend with the last name of Frooke. I must have confused the two. (By the way, my friend pronounces his last name as it rhymes with "spoke")

      Bill Mosca,
      Founder - MS_Access_Professionals
      Microsoft Office Access MVP

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "Ugly Sean" <ugly@...> wrote:
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      > From: "Bill Mosca" <wrmosca@...>
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      > Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 11:22
      > Subject: [NTB] Installing version 6 over version 5
      > > I have version 5 installed. I just instaleld version 6 letting it use the
      > default folder. Instead of removing version 5, I ended up with 2 versions
      > installed. When I uninstalled version 5, it removed my shortcut for version
      > 6. ACK!
      > >
      > > Why can't Frooke just set the installation package to uninstall earlier
      > versions or at least present that option at installation time? Do people
      > really use more than one version?
      > Let's be fair. Okay it's not fair. I can't say anything against Eric because
      > he's so sexy.
      > But besides that, NoteTab is an awesome program and everybody here knows it.
      > It's not the program's fault you opted for the default. It really is worth
      > the effort to just install NoteTab over the old version.
      > HOWEVER.... it really doesn't need all that much installation.
      > 1) Shortcuts are easy to make. Give it a try.
      > 2) If you were to make an archival copy of your NoteTab directory you will
      > find it is self containing.
      > Unlike many programs, if you were to restore the installed directory to your
      > system it will run flawlessly without going through installation again.
      > Yeah, yeah, I know. Using setup is recommended, but as I found out - it's
      > not required.
      > 3) Spelling his name correctly is important. While I don't EXACTLY know how
      > to pronounce his name, I know how NOT to pronounce it <EG>
      > 4) While I don't NEED more than one version, in earlier times I did use two
      > versions. One of NoteTab Pro, and one of Super NoteTab.
      > Another example is when Eric releases a beta version. These are typically
      > time limited and expire eventually on their own. For that reason it's
      > recommended not to delete your regular copy and install the beta in a
      > different directory.
      > So yes, sometimes more than one version is called for.
      > Thanks to Google Maps I saw his house. But Eric was nowhere to be seen.
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