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21036Re: [NTB] Installing version 6 over version 5

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  • Alec Burgess
    May 13 9:19 PM
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      loro (loro-spam01-@...) wrote (in part) (on 1969-12-31 at 19:00):
      > Lotta wrote:
      > >Bill Mosca wrote:
      > > > Do people really use more than one version?
      > >
      > >Yes. :-)
      > To expand on that, if you point the installer to the NTP 5 folder, it
      > should replace the old version. I haven't installed v. 6 yet, but
      > that's how it has worked before. A little late now maybe, but try
      > that next time.

      And to expand some more ...
      You do keep a copy of your original installers don't you ... ? :-D
      If so you *could* reinstall Notetab 5 in its original location then
      decide whether to keep both around temporarily or to re-install Notetab
      6 over Notetab 5 or in a separate location. (Primary reason would be in
      case you run into a "show-stopper" making it necessary to revert to
      Notetab 5 until Eric/Fookes software gets it corrected - hopefully there
      aren't any but Murphy's law says eventually there will be).

      What I usually try to remember to do before a substantial update (eg. I
      would do it when going from Notetab 5.x to Notetab 6.0 but not from
      Notetab 6.0 to Notetab 6.1) is ...

      Make a copy in Program Files of the current Notetab folder as (say)
      "Copy of Notetab 5" then install Notetab 6 into the Notetab 5 folder.

      Download a folder/file comparison program if you don't have one already
      (two good free ones are Kdiff3 and WinMerge)

      Run the folder comparison between "updated" %progfiles%/Notetab and
      %progfiles%/Copy of Notetab.
      Things to look for ....
      new version of WhatsNew.txt and old version (easiest way to to see what
      changes you should be aware of)
      and if you use or create clips ... changes or additions to any of the
      clip libraries. eg. Eric added some new clips to "Samples" and possibly
      some others. You can check the diffs between versions of the libraries
      to see what's been added or changed etc.

      Note: Most of the above is not required but I'm pretty anal about
      changes made to my system. I don't do it every time nor for every
      application I update but frequently this update procedure saves me time
      down the road. YMMV!

      Regards ... Alec (buralex@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burgess@skype)

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