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21031Re: [NTB] Installing version 6 over version 5

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  • Chris Laarman
    May 13, 2009
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      On Wednesday, May 13, 2009 5:22 PM [GMT+1=CET],
      Bill Mosca <wrmosca@...> wrote:

      > I have version 5 installed. I just instaleld version 6 letting it use
      > the default folder. Instead of removing version 5, I ended up with 2
      > versions installed. When I uninstalled version 5, it removed my
      > shortcut for version 6. ACK!
      > Why can't Frooke just set the installation package to uninstall
      > earlier versions or at least present that option at installation
      > time? Do people really use more than one version?

      So you have been sleeping two times (upon installing and while writing
      the above). Wouldn't that balance the shortcut matter and your
      (reasonable, as far as I can see) point regarding an explicite
      installation option?

      Chris Laarman

      Thank you, Eric Fookes, for your continuing dedication to your products
      and for the free major upgrade. :-)
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