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21014Re: [NTB] Notetab Pro 6 released

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  • Marcelo Bastos
    May 6, 2009
      Interviewed by CNN on 4/5/2009 09:21, Jim told the world:
      > Check under Help/Check for updates (I have auto-checking turned off). Notetab has decided to release this version for free to V5 registered users. Thanks!
      Note that the migration from 5.x to 6.0 is not _quite_ automatic:

      In my case, the setup program created a new "NoteTab Pro 6" alongside
      the existing "NoteTab Pro 5" folder. Some files, which *were* present in
      the original setup, but are not present in the upgrade/update setup,
      were not copied. Those are:
      - content of the "Dictionaries" subfolder
      - content of the "Sounds" subfolder
      - the "efomacro.dll" library, which is supposedly needed for some clip
      comands. (Is that still necessary?)
      - the "spell.hlp" help file (I suppose it's probably obsolete, since
      it's dated from 2006 and there has been a "spell.chm" file for some time
      - Some user-added files, such as the "tidy.cfg" I have in the Notetab
      folder in order to make HTMLTidy to behave the way I want it to, extra
      dictionaries and such
      - The "browsers.dat" is not copied -- instead, you get a brand-new one
      without any hand-tweaks you may have done in the past

      Most user settings, which are saved in the user profile
      (%APPDATA%\NoteTab Pro), are shared seamlessly between NoteTab 5 and
      NoteTab 6. However, if you have any of those making direct references to
      the NoteTab 5 folder (I had a few of the settings files in my
      "Favorites," for instance) they will have to be updated.

      With that changed folder name and stuff... maybe it would be nice to
      offer an enlarged update installer, just for this release, so as to
      establish a new baseline for eventual reinstalls?


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