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20989Re: NoteTab crashes opening certain files

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  • quux2000
    Apr 9, 2009
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      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "quux2000" <quux2000@...> wrote:
      > I am using NoteTab Pro 5.8/fv on Vista Ultimate 32 SP1. NoteTab crashes on every attempt to open certain files.
      > In iTunes (I'm using version, you can right-click a playlist or library and export a text file listing. It oddly outputs everything on 1 line with no newline at the end of the file. However, I am able to open these text files using MS Notepad. Every time I open these using NoteTab, I get the following error messages, and the file is not displayed.
      > Access violation at address 0040949B in module 'NotePro.exe'. Write of address 2037305C
      > Access violation at address 00409BCA in module 'NotePro.exe'. Write of address 2037305C
      > Here's the output of UNIX 'wc' of the file I am attempting to open:
      > 0 79826 558474 My_Nano.txt
      > I realize that a "0-line" file is unusual and the result of possibly buggy behavior from the program that created it. However, if I can open such files in MS Notepad without it crashing, IMHO I should also be to open them in NoteTab. At least there should be some code in NoteTab that prevents these errors dialogs from being presented to the user.

      UPDATE: There appears to have been a bug in the version of iTunes I was using. I upgraded to version, and it now outputs one record per line in CRLF DOS/Windows format.

      I did however do some experimenting beforehand. NoteTab Pro started flaking out (with error pop-ups) when the "0-line" exported files passed the 65,535 byte boundary. I think there is still a low-priority issue here worth investigating by Fookes programming team because MS Notepad never gave me problem when I opened any of the "bad" files.

      Thanks to everyone for their help!

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