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20986Re: [NTB] Re:NoteTab 5.8 available

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  • hsavage
    Apr 6, 2009
      hsavage wrote:
      > AL Guevara wrote:
      >> Help menu. Check for updates.
      >> Al
      >>>I have done this before, but I can't remember how to do it again. My
      >>>NoteTab is 5.7 and I want to download the upgrade, but my computer is
      >>>not online, and has no capability to be online (I have to use a separate
      >>>computer room with internet access). Thus, the "help/check for updates"
      >>>command won't do me any good. How can I update? I have NoteTab Pro.
      >>>- Brother Gabriel-Marie
      > brother,
      > On the computer that has internet access,
      > At the Help menu, Check for updates...
      > Click to Select " Click to download version 5.8 again...
      > Save it to a folder of your choice...
      > Copy the file to an available medium to transport to other computer...
      > Copy the file to the computer without internet access...
      > Install from there on the isolated computer.
      > € hrs € hsavage € pobox € com


      Forgot to mention, NoteTab, previous version, should already be
      installed on isolated computer.

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