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20985Re: [NTB] Re:NoteTab 5.8 available

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  • hsavage
    Apr 6 2:41 PM
      AL Guevara wrote:
      > Help menu. Check for updates.
      > Al
      >>I have done this before, but I can't remember how to do it again. My
      >>NoteTab is 5.7 and I want to download the upgrade, but my computer is
      >>not online, and has no capability to be online (I have to use a separate
      >>computer room with internet access). Thus, the "help/check for updates"
      >>command won't do me any good. How can I update? I have NoteTab Pro.
      >>- Brother Gabriel-Marie


      On the computer that has internet access,

      At the Help menu, Check for updates...

      Click to Select " Click to download version 5.8 again...

      Save it to a folder of your choice...

      Copy the file to an available medium to transport to other computer...

      Copy the file to the computer without internet access...

      Install from there on the isolated computer.

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