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  • ebbtidalflats
    Apr 6, 2009
      If you still have your current (5.7) install file, you COULD install NoteTab (2nd copy) on a USB stick, plug the USB stick into the PC with Internet access, and run NoteTab directly from the USB stick.

      This technique requires THREE things:

      1. the PC you plan to use this on must let you RUN an executable from your USB stick. Check this first. Everything else depends on it.

      2. you must copy a NotePro.ini to the USB stick folder, where you want to install NoteTab (the folder must exist WITH NotePro.ini BEFORE you install NoteTab).

      3. A batchfile to run NoteTab with the command, i.e. "StartNtp.bat"

      start /WAIT X:\path\NotePro.exe /USB
      rem X is the drive letter of the usb drive.

      Create the batchfile any time, edit the batchfile on the Internet-enabled PC once you know the actual drive letter.

      Right-click the batchfilename --> choose Edit

      Change the dirve letter, save the file.

      Run the batchfile.

      Once you have NoteTab running on the Internet-eneabled PC, you can use the update in help, and SAVE the download to your USB drive.

      If you're still with me, you can then simply run the installation file on your secure computer.

      Good luck,


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Brother Gabriel-Marie <brgabriel@...> wrote:

      > I have done this before, but I can't remember how to do it again. My
      > NoteTab is 5.7 and I want to download the upgrade, but my computer is
      > not online, and has no capability to be online (I have to use a separate
      > computer room with internet access). Thus, the "help/check for updates"
      > command won't do me any good. How can I update? I have NoteTab Pro.
      > Thanks.
      > - Brother Gabriel-Marie
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