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20978NoteTab 5.8 Problem?

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  • John Shotsky
    Apr 4, 2009
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      I'm trying to open a file in IE8 from NoteTab. I used to do this regularly,
      but some things have changed since I last tried it, and now I don't know
      what the problem is.

      What's changed since the last time it worked:

      I'm running IE8 instead of IE7.

      I built a new boot drive and reinstalled everything. I am not sure NoteTab
      is fully registered in the Windows Registry.

      I'm running NoteTab 5.8 fv instead of 5.7 fv.

      There is an xsl file that has not been changed, which maps xml to be
      displayed in a browser.

      In my xml file, I list the name of the xsl file, as I always have done:

      <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="file://D:\Work\Mx2ToTxt2.xsl"?>

      This all looks normal, as usual.

      The command I use to open the file in the browser is a clip named Open with
      Browser, with this command in it:

      ^!Url file:///^$GetDocName$ <file:///\\%5e$GetDocName$>

      No changes to this clip either.

      But, when I attempt to open the file, I get a dialog asking whether I want
      to open or save the file. If I say open it, Notetab opens it. If I say save
      it, it is a normal save file operation, and the file is never seen in the
      browser. I have saved the file with a .txt extension. If I save it with a
      .ttt extension, it opens the original xml document in the browser, having
      ignored the xsl stylesheet. I wonder if there is some setting within NoteTab
      that controls this - I haven't changed much from the defaults.

      Can anyone with NTP 5.8 and IE8 open an xml properly in their browser using
      this technique?


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