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20972NoteTab crashes opening certain files

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  • quux2000
    Apr 1, 2009
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      I am using NoteTab Pro 5.8/fv on Vista Ultimate 32 SP1. NoteTab crashes on every attempt to open certain files.

      In iTunes (I'm using version, you can right-click a playlist or library and export a text file listing. It oddly outputs everything on 1 line with no newline at the end of the file. However, I am able to open these text files using MS Notepad. Every time I open these using NoteTab, I get the following error messages, and the file is not displayed.

      Access violation at address 0040949B in module 'NotePro.exe'. Write of address 2037305C

      Access violation at address 00409BCA in module 'NotePro.exe'. Write of address 2037305C

      Here's the output of UNIX 'wc' of the file I am attempting to open:

      0 79826 558474 My_Nano.txt

      I realize that a "0-line" file is unusual and the result of possibly buggy behavior from the program that created it. However, if I can open such files in MS Notepad without it crashing, IMHO I should also be to open them in NoteTab. At least there should be some code in NoteTab that prevents these errors dialogs from being presented to the user.
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