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20927Re: [NTB] Re: "Open With" not working

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  • Gerard Huijing
    Feb 3, 2009
      Geoff Lane wrote:

      > I've now got things working. ebbtidalflats suggestion to use a batch
      > file caused no end of issues and I just got scores of new windows
      > opening at half-second intervals until I managed to Ctrl+Break my way
      > out! However, it was ebbtidalflats's post that got me thinking in the
      > right direction.
      > The following worked for me:
      > 1. In Windows Explorer, choose Tools->Folder Options, then click the
      > File Types tab.
      > 2. Scroll to the .conf extension, then click Advanced. If no Advanced
      > button is visible, first click Restore.
      > 3. Edit the open and edit events to:
      > "C:\Program Files\NoteTab Std 5\NoteTab.exe" %1
      > Replace the path and executable filename to match your installation
      > and remember to include the double quotes.
      > .conf files are now associated with NoteTab Std on my system and I've
      > even got NoteTab Std as an option in "Open With ..."
      > --
      > Geoff Lane
      > Cornwall, UK

      Good to hear that your problem is solved, Geoff.

      When I followed the steps you describe (Folder Options etc.), I found
      that there was no '.conf' or 'conf' in the list to scroll to (so I would
      have had to create it).

      Interestingly, under the following key:


      there is my list with the programs I chose to open the .conf file!

      So the .conf stuff is indeed created and listed somewhere.

      I did not, however, choose to associate .conf with any of the listed
      programs (removed the tick from "Always uses the selected program ...").
      I wonder how this all works.
      But this is becoming rather off topic.


      Gerard (E.G.P.) Huijing
      2312 ZD Leiden
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