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20924Re: [NTB] Re: "Open With" not working

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  • Geoff Lane
    Feb 3, 2009
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      On Tuesday, February 3, 2009, Gerard Huijing wrote:

      > Another workaround solution may be OpenExpert (www.baxbex.com), a
      > freeware (free for home users) shell extension for Explorer.
      > Instead of left double clicking in Explorer you rightclick to open a
      > context menu, to which you add the program(s) of your choice to open a file.

      I've now got things working. ebbtidalflats suggestion to use a batch
      file caused no end of issues and I just got scores of new windows
      opening at half-second intervals until I managed to Ctrl+Break my way
      out! However, it was ebbtidalflats's post that got me thinking in the
      right direction.

      The following worked for me:
      1. In Windows Explorer, choose Tools->Folder Options, then click the
      File Types tab.

      2. Scroll to the .conf extension, then click Advanced. If no Advanced
      button is visible, first click Restore.

      3. Edit the open and edit events to:
      "C:\Program Files\NoteTab Std 5\NoteTab.exe" %1
      Replace the path and executable filename to match your installation
      and remember to include the double quotes.

      .conf files are now associated with NoteTab Std on my system and I've
      even got NoteTab Std as an option in "Open With ..."

      Geoff Lane
      Cornwall, UK
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