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20923Re: [NTB] Re: "Open With" not working

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  • Gerard Huijing
    Feb 3, 2009
      ebbtidalflats wrote:
      > Geoff,
      > Sorry, I only have a workaround solution, since I have the same
      > problem. Plus some facts observed on MY computers.
      > First the workaround:
      > You CAN run NoteTab from a batchfile, and you CAN register the special
      > extension with that batchfile. Your batchfile must pass the filename
      > to open to the NoteTab commandline.
      > in the batchfile, something like
      > @start C:\PROGRA~1\NTP\NotePro.exe %1
      > Look up the start command in windows help,
      > Observations on MY NoteTab installations:
      > Fact 1. My NoteTab Pro does NOT show up in the offerings
      > of program choices inb Open With.
      > Fact 2. My NoteTab Light DOES show up !
      > Fact 3. I have NOT installed NoteTab's default path
      > but chose to use a different path name.
      > Fact 4. I use NoteTab Pro with a custom data path
      > on a USB drive.
      > Fact 5. This problem has existed prior to NTb ver 5.
      > Fact 6. I have frequent mystewry crashes with NoteTab, that nobody
      > else can duplicate. I also have observed, that at times NoteTab does
      > not shut down (I run it from a batchfile)
      > Could it be that NoteTab doesn't register properly, if the path is
      > changed? if the program doesn't use the Documents and Settings folder?
      > if you do not elect to "replace notepad" in Help?
      > Windows DOES see my NoteTab as an installed program (), but not in
      > list of applications in "Open With" window.
      > Even MORE CURIOUS, NoteTab Lite DOES show up as an option in the open
      > with window! It too has a NoteTab.INI file in the program folder.
      > Cheers,
      > Eb

      Another workaround solution may be OpenExpert (www.baxbex.com), a
      freeware (free for home users) shell extension for Explorer.
      Instead of left double clicking in Explorer you rightclick to open a
      context menu, to which you add the program(s) of your choice to open a file.

      I have not managed to reproduce your problem in any way. My machine
      (WinXPPro SP3, NTBPro 5.7b, NTB replaces Notepad)*always* does what you
      want your computer to do!


      Gerard (E.G.P.) Huijing
      2312 ZD Leiden
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