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20916Re: [NTB] "Open With" not working

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  • Dave
    Feb 3, 2009
      what I would do is to go the config file and open it with notetab and do it
      that way ,you do not need to go to open with.

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      From: "Geoff Lane" <geoff@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 2:23 AM
      Subject: [NTB] "Open With" not working

      > Hi All,
      > NoteTab Std 5.7b/fv (full version) on Windows XP Pro SP3
      > I'm not sure whether this is something to do with NoteTab Std or
      > whether it's a coincidence that NoteTab is the only application with
      > which I've seen this issue:
      > I want to open a Linux .conf file that I've FTP'd over to my Windows
      > machine. I have no default application for .conf files, so I have to
      > right-click the file and choose Open. Windows responds with a dialog
      > box that lets me choose to select the program from a list.
      > Doing this returns a dialog box with a list of programs. Notepad is
      > recommended and NoteTab does not appear in the list of "Other
      > Programs". I can browse to and select
      > C:\Program Files\NoteTab Std 5\NoteTab.exe
      > but when I click OK in the file browser to return to the program list,
      > NoteTab is still not available and so I can't open the file with
      > NoteTab.
      > The only ways I can open these files in NoteTab is from within
      > NoteTab, replacing Notepad with NoteTab and selecting Notepad as the
      > application in which to open the file, or opening NoteTab and dragging
      > files from Windows Explorer to NoteTab.
      > Can anyone shed light on what's going wrong?
      > TIA,
      > --
      > Geoff Lane
      > Cornwall, UK
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