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20902"Open With" not working

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  • Geoff Lane
    Feb 2, 2009
      Hi All,

      NoteTab Std 5.7b/fv (full version) on Windows XP Pro SP3

      I'm not sure whether this is something to do with NoteTab Std or
      whether it's a coincidence that NoteTab is the only application with
      which I've seen this issue:

      I want to open a Linux .conf file that I've FTP'd over to my Windows
      machine. I have no default application for .conf files, so I have to
      right-click the file and choose Open. Windows responds with a dialog
      box that lets me choose to select the program from a list.

      Doing this returns a dialog box with a list of programs. Notepad is
      recommended and NoteTab does not appear in the list of "Other
      Programs". I can browse to and select
      C:\Program Files\NoteTab Std 5\NoteTab.exe
      but when I click OK in the file browser to return to the program list,
      NoteTab is still not available and so I can't open the file with

      The only ways I can open these files in NoteTab is from within
      NoteTab, replacing Notepad with NoteTab and selecting Notepad as the
      application in which to open the file, or opening NoteTab and dragging
      files from Windows Explorer to NoteTab.

      Can anyone shed light on what's going wrong?


      Geoff Lane
      Cornwall, UK
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