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20900Re: [NTB] Bug still not fixed? Clip fix, maybe.

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  • hsavage
    Feb 2, 2009
      hsavage wrote:
      > Jeff Scism wrote:
      >> Ugly Me wrote:
      >>> ----- Original Message -----

      > Ugly,
      > I don't think this is a bug. I think it's working exactly as designed.
      > Notetab recognizes if the file is a Unicode text file or UTF-8 Web page
      > and makes it Read-Only, within NoteTab, upon loading.
      > This doesn't necessarily mean the disk file is Read-Only also.
      > I run into this now and then but until now it wasn't such a problem
      that it
      > required writing a clip.
      > I have written a clip now that should check all open files and those
      > are Unicode text files or UTF-8 Web pages should change status to allow
      > editing. I haven't a very good way of testing this clip because I seldom
      > run into a Unicode or UTF-8 Web page.
      > I realize this is not the clips list but I'll insert the clip and CC
      > message to the clips list, which you can put into a clipbar, and the
      > time you have several files loaded you can run the clip on the open
      > As I said, I can't reliably test it but, it should work.
      > H="Change Loaded UniCodeFile Write-ability"
      > ^!Set %docindex%=C:\Documents and Settings\User\desktop\emdoc.emd
      > ^!SetScreenUpdate 0
      > ^!Set %openfilenum%=^$GetDocCount$; %openfileindex%=0
      > :LOOP
      > ^!Inc %openfileindex%
      > ^!SetDocIndex ^%openfileindex%
      > ;
      > ; Changes the NoteTab Read-Only status if FileName
      > ; is a Unicode text file or UTF-8 Web page
      > ;
      > ^!IfFileUnicode "^$GetDocName(^%openfileindex%)$" NEXT ELSE SKIP
      > ^!KeyBoard Shift+Ctrl+R
      > ;
      > ; the next line would help if the disk file were read-only but I doubt
      > that it is
      > ; ^!SetFileAttr "^$GetDocName(^%openfileindex)$" -r
      > ^!If ^%openfileindex% = ^%openfilenum% NEXT ELSE LOOP
      > ^!SetDocIndex ^$GetDocIndex(^%docindex%)$

      All, Ugly,

      Sorry about this, the first line in the clip above was changed by
      copying and
      pasting into the email.

      This should be the first Line.

      ^!Set %docindex%=^##

      The line allows returning focus to the same file that was focused when the
      clip was started.

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