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20890Re: [NTB] I FOUND IT!

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  • Ugly Me
    Feb 1, 2009
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      From: loro
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      Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 4:51 AM
      Subject: Re: [NTB] I FOUND IT!

      Ugly Me wrote:
      >>Yes I found a version of NoteTab Pro that does NOT automatically
      >>default to read-only when you open files.

      >IFAIK there is no such bug. I venture to guess that you have 'Protect
      >Unicode Files' checked in later versions and not checked in your 4.52.
      >View Options | General | Protect Unicode Files.

      Currently I'm not sure. Such an option is NOT available in 4.52 - oh my. No function to replace Notepad or check the "news" either. I could really go for a better fix I suppose. However I ignored the unicode concept so it's possible.

      I'll have to reinstate -- 5.61 is the most current archive I have -- to check it out.

      >From Help:
      >"Protect Unicode Files: When NoteTab opens Unicode files, it has to
      >convert them to the ANSI character set, which handles much fewer
      >characters. As a result, the conversion process may drop non-ANSI and
      >cause the loss of information. When this setting is checked, Unicode
      >files are opened in Read-Only mode, which protects the file from
      >changes. If you know that your Unicode documents will not loose
      >important information during the conversion process, you can uncheck
      >this option in order to open such files in editable mode."

      Now here's the tricky part. To me, it just seemed like an ordinary ASCII-based HTML file. It's certainly not always obvious to me. Alas, this COULD be the situation, I guess. However, this has never been explained to me. It's just been an endless source of flustration. So I'll check it out tonight and get back to you on that. I hope it's that simple - well, it wasn't simple to me.



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