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20873Re: [NTB] I FOUND IT!

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  • loro
    Feb 1, 2009
      Ugly Me wrote:
      >Yes I found a version of NoteTab Pro that does NOT automatically
      >default to read-only when you open files.

      IFAIK there is no such bug. I venture to guess that you have 'Protect
      Unicode Files' checked in later versions and not checked in your 4.52.

      View Options | General | Protect Unicode Files.

      From Help:
      "Protect Unicode Files: When NoteTab opens Unicode files, it has to
      convert them to the ANSI character set, which handles much fewer
      characters. As a result, the conversion process may drop non-ANSI and
      cause the loss of information. When this setting is checked, Unicode
      files are opened in Read-Only mode, which protects the file from
      changes. If you know that your Unicode documents will not loose
      important information during the conversion process, you can uncheck
      this option in order to open such files in editable mode."

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