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20872RE: [NTB] Bug still not fixed?

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  • dj Rick Mitchell
    Jan 31, 2009
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      the only time I've had such situations is when I've used notetab to call up
      files that were in use already (such as .ini or apache/php/server/website
      configuartion files that the server programs automatically set to read only
      so they don't get changed while they are being used by the program).

      It would be interesting to know exactly which files were involved with the
      so-called bug.



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      Subject: [NTB] Bug still not fixed?

      It's frustrating having to deal with the read-only bug that has lasted for
      several versions of NoteTab.
      How does one get past it?
      More often than not if I open a file for editing, the program places it in
      "read-only" status for which I have to manually change it.
      This is not usually a problem except yesterday when I tried to edit a few
      files at once. That meant having to go to each and every window and manually
      remove the read-only flag.
      Maybe I shouldn't ask. After all, I'm not the programmer. However, I still
      find it bothersome.

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