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20853Re: [NTB] cvs flies

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jan 13, 2009
      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > Hi Alan,
      > On 13 Jan 09 12:47 Alan G <alan_g@...> said:
      >> CSV means Comma Separated Values. So by definition, the values in a
      >> CSV file are separated by commas.
      > You're right, of course. I must have spent too much time with Excel
      > which handles tab delimited data with the same wizard. :-(
      > Greg

      While CSV means Comma Separated Values, other delimiters are often used,
      including tabs, pipes, semi-colons, etc.

      Excel, Open Office Calc and CSVed are all great programs to use when
      handling this type of data.

      I also use notetab a LOT when handling these types of files. Clips work
      well on them. Jody's (moment of thankful silence) noteblock library
      does wonderful things with csv files in notetab. Different jobs require
      different and many tools.

      You can easily write an input wizard to create csv (or comma delimited)
      data with notetab. Once you have csv data you can easily manipulate it
      using notetab.

      I hope the guy who asked these questions is still with us. Maybe he can
      tell us more about his project and we can help him. He may want to take
      it to either off topic or clips I suspect (which are different groups of
      notetab enthusiasts).
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