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20835Re: [NTB] Re: Function to display only certain lines of a large file?

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  • David Smart
    Dec 6 3:29 PM
      Mine would have been later 60's. Also punched cards. I was accessing CSIRO
      (Australia's government scientific organisation) Control Data 3200, 3600 and
      Cyber 7600 mainframes. Probably running smaller jobs like this on the 3200,
      while the bigger machines were used for large scale data analysis.

      Punched cards, of course, and by courier to the computer from about 25 km
      away. We were thrilled when we halved our turnaround. We went from one
      courier run per day to two. :-)

      > ... this fascinating language.

      Agreed. We were doing our scientific computing in FORTRAN and this was a
      radical departure and intensely interesting.

      (Sorry NTB'ers, we're OT - but forgive us oldies reminiscing.)

      Regards, Dave S

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      > On Sun, 7 Dec 2008, "David Smart" <smartware.consulting@...> wrote
      > in part:
      > | That takes me back!! I used SNOBOL (the original) when automating
      > | extracting of abstract circulation for publications in a technical
      > | library. I stopped working there just as SNOBOL4 came out IIRC,
      > Me too. I first encountered SNOBOL on the IBM 1620 in the engineering
      > department at Old Dominion University around 1964. As I recall, we ran
      > it on a "barefoot" 1620, a machine with only 20,000 decimal digits of
      > "core" memory and no hardware divide. The only I/O devices were a card
      > reader/punch and a console typewriter. The compiler was loaded from a
      > card deck; we had no disk or tape drive.
      > While we were limited in the volume of text could be retained in
      > variables, we were certainly able to learn the fundamentals of this
      > fascinating language.
      > Alan G
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