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20807"Hanging" context menus in "NoteTab Light" (5.7b)

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  • lowellaguno
    Nov 17 10:29 AM
      This is regarding "NoteTab Light" (v5.7b):

      When using the context menu (right-clicking in text window) for the
      CUT/COPY/PASTE and SELECT ALL/COPY ALL functions, the context menu
      does not disappear after left-clicking on the desired function. A
      second left-click outside the context menu box is needed for the box
      to disappear.

      This problem began fairly recently. Before that, there was no problem
      using the context menu. I've tried uninstalling then reinstalling the
      app. This didn't resolve the problem. This problematic installation of
      NoteTab is on an older desktop PC running Win 98SE.

      Other than this issue, NoteTab Light functions perfectly. I also have
      the app installed on a laptop (running Win XP) with no issues with the
      context menu "hanging".

      Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?

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