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20775Re: [NTB] Trial Pay?

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  • Jeff
    Oct 29, 2008
      I've just gotten a reply from TrialPay, and they say I'm past the
      45-day deadline for resolving this. This will be the last time I deal
      with TrialPay, and I don't blame Fookes Software for this in the least.

      The trouble with this is that they say to allow 3-4 weeks for the
      information to arrive. So that's 30 days. Then there's 15 days beyond
      that to get any glitches resolved. Unfortunately for me, that 15 days
      fell within a very busy time for me and on top of that some nice old
      man pulled out in front of me and totaled my car. My tough luck.

      I'll go back and see if I can find the registration number where I
      paid for NoteTab Standard once upon a time (2001?). I should have done
      that in the first place.

      Thanks for the personal reply, Eric. NoteTab is an excellent product
      and I'm proud to recommend it.


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Eric Fookes <egroups@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jeff,
      > Did you contact Trial Pay support?
      > http://www.trialpay.com/contactus/
      > I'm sure they sent you the registration details with the download link
      > to the full retail version. But that email may have been deleted by
      > ISP or personal spam filter before it reached your inbox.
      > --
      > Regards,
      > Eric Fookes
      > http://www.fookes.com/
      > Jeff wrote:
      > > I've been using NoteTab for several years and I love it. I jumped at
      > > the opportunity to get the standard version at a reduced cost, and
      > > went for the Trial Pay promotion something like six weeks ago.
      > >
      > > Still waiting for a registration number, and not too impressed with
      > > Trial Pay although I DID get the merchandise I ordered and paid for.
      > >
      > > Jeff
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