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20760Re: [NTB] Trial Pay?

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  • loro
    Oct 24, 2008
      At 14:04 2008-10-24, Jeff wrote:
      >I've been using NoteTab for several years and I love it. I jumped at
      >the opportunity to get the standard version at a reduced cost, and
      >went for the Trial Pay promotion something like six weeks ago.
      >Still waiting for a registration number, and not too impressed with
      >Trial Pay although I DID get the merchandise I ordered and paid for.

      Are you sure you were supposed to get a registration number? Usually
      there is no reg number. The trial and full versions are different
      downloads. Does your copy of Notetab work? What does it say at Help | About?

      Maybe you've done this already, but you can contact support here:

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