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20704Re: [NTB] colour question

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  • loro
    Sep 2, 2008
      Ines wrote:
      >I have been trying to change text colour without success. I am trying
      >to write instructions for a new template and want my instructions to be
      >in a different colour.

      There is a way around the lack of formatting if you aren't too picky.
      Add the file type of the document you are editing to the list of
      extension on the HTML Files tab in Options. Then Notetab will apply
      HTML highlighting to it. If you don't want to turn this on for all
      files of a certain type, type you can invent your own file type
      instead and add that too the list, for example .ines.

      Then make your instructions look either like HTML tags or HTML comments.
      <like this>
      <!--or like this-->
      The two lines above will have different colors. You can choose the
      colors yourself on the Colors tab in Options.

      Hope this works for you.
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