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20703Re: [NTB] colour question

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  • Greg Chapman
    Sep 1, 2008
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      Hi Ines,

      On 01 Sep 08 21:44 "inesmannhardt" <Ines.Mannhardt@...> said:
      > I have been trying to change text colour without success. I am
      > trying to write instructions for a new template and want my
      > instructions to be in a different colour. Tried the help feature in
      > version 4.9 and the trial version of 5.7.

      NoteTab is a text editor. Its job is editing text, not presenting
      text in a particular way. You need a word processor or DTP program for

      The best you can do is make the text bigger/smaller and change the
      font - but that is only for the entire document. These facilities are
      mainly there to help those with poor eye sight to see what they are
      editing - not for making it look good on paper.

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