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20606Re: [NTB] Backing up Settings

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  • loro
    Jun 28, 2008
      Jono wrote:
      >I would like to backup my settings. I have spent a lot of time
      >setting everything up to make it as productive as possible for
      >me--toolbars, clipbars, colors, clips, etc.

      Yes, if you do not use the option to store setting in the registry,
      all you need to do is backup the ini file. It's called NotePro.ini
      and is found somewhere in the Notetab folder in Application Data.
      Unless you, like I do, run NTP in single user mode. Then it's in
      Notetab's main folder. If you use the registry I guess you have to
      export the relevant bits and parts. You probably don't do that, since
      the ini is the default way of saving settings.

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