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20568Re: [NTB] Re: text being replaced unintentionally

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jun 15, 2008
      At 6/14/2008 03:56 PM, you wrote:
      >--- In <mailto:notetab%40yahoogroups.com>notetab@yahoogroups.com,
      >"ebbtidalflats" <ebbtidalflats@...> wrote:
      > > There is a SECOND INS key on the numeral ZERO, keypad, IF you have
      > > Numlock OFF. On MY keuboard this is right next to the RtArrow cursor
      > >
      > > If this is the problem (accidental pressing [0/Ins] together with the
      > > right arrow key, then the FIX is to keep Numlock ON at all times. That
      > > will insert a zero, whenever you accidentally press that key, but will
      > > NOT affect subsequent keystrokes.
      > > Hope this helps.
      > > Eb
      >Good observation! could be I'm hitting the 0 with my bear paw when I
      >use the arrow keys. I hope that's it.
      >I'll keep the lock on while editing and see what happens.

      It would help us help you if you are more specific in stating your problem.
      In particular, what is the status of the insert/overwrite mode when you
      are find you are overwriting. As I have said before, the status line is not
      always in synch with the program mode, i.e., the status line might say
      insert while Notetab is actually in overwrite mode and vice versa. (You
      do have the status bar turned on, right? [View | Status bar checked])

      You might also get in the habit of frequently monitoring the status bar
      to note any mode changes and what you were doing at the time. It is
      up to you to observe and report on the conditions leading up to, and
      upon, experiencing your problem. For example, how often does it occur -
      after 5 min, 2 hours, totally random? What are you doing - heavy editing,
      primarily straight input? Are you using the mouse? Shift keys? Arrow
      keys? Do you touch type? Where on/around the keyboard are your hands?
      Basically, what is the repeatable pattern that causes the problem?

      Good luck, Art
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