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20551Re: [NTB] Really basic question....

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  • Gerard Huijing
    Jun 6, 2008
      Don - HtmlFixIt.com wrote:

      > It is not in the "white" part. It is in the gray part. Go to the left
      > of the find next button so that you aren't on find next and you aren't
      > on the drop down arrow for the search box that is white. So you are
      > halfway between the drop down arrow and the button on plain old gray
      > background. Left double click there and you go to the top of the
      > document.
      > I suspect you are clicking in the white box which will in fact bring up
      > former search terms. The arrow will also allow you to scroll through them.
      > I am on pro 5.x myself. So it should work for you.

      Thank you for the explanation. I had indeed misunderstood "blank"


      Gerard (E.G.P.) Huijing
      2312 ZD Leiden
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