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20542Re: [NTB] How to Specify Support Directory Location

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    Jun 3, 2008
      Art Kocsis <artkns@...> said on Jun 03, 2008 7:40 -0400 (in
      > I was just trying to configure NT 5.61 to match my v4.95 settings and
      > can't
      > find
      > the place to specify the support directory. [WinXP/SP2]
      > In 4.95 it was in the Options | Advanced | Support files Location: which
      > defined
      > the [Applications] MainDirectory key in the INI file. I scanned the NT
      > exe file
      > and "MainDirectory" no longer exists in it.
      > I want a single user installation and do NOT want to put anything in
      > Docs &
      > Settings. I need to have a common support directory for both Notetab Std &
      > NoteTab Pro 5.61 as well as 4.95 until I am sure everything works in 5.61.

      Here's my understanding of what you want and *POSSIBLE* approaches below.

      * Four separate installs and ability to run each of NoteTab 4.95
      Std, Notetab 4.95 Pro, Notetab 5.61 Std and Notetab 5.61 Pro
      through (say) shortcuts for each in QuickLaunch toolbar or Desktop.
      o Correct?
      * All four installs to share the SAME support sub-folders (ie.
      Favorites Libraries Scripts Spelling Templates) and other files
      normally found in the top level of the %Program Files%\Notetab.
      o Correct?
      * Location of these support files and sub-folders NOT to be in or under
      * C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\
      o correct?

      Here are the folders I have in use: (\AmbPF\ is just a %Program Files%
      subfolder I put EVERY install in if the installer allows me to choose -
      to distinguish it from programs that were there from original install of
      Windows XP and those "dropped" w/o my knowledge or consent):

      * C:\Program Files\AmbPF\NoteTab Light 4.95
      * C:\Program Files\AmbPF\NoteTab Light 5
      * C:\Program Files\AmbPF\Notetab Pro 4.95
      * C:\Program Files\AmbPF\NoteTab Pro 5
      * C:\Program Files\AmbPF\NoteTab Std 5

      * C:\Documents and Settings\Alec\Application Data\NoteTab Light
      * C:\Documents and Settings\Alec\Application Data\NoteTab Pro
      * C:\Documents and Settings\Alec\Application Data\NoteTab Std

      Obviously the Docs+Settings subfolders are from Notetab 5.x since
      Notetab 4.9x didn't (easily) support the concept of separating
      "programs" from "data".

      You can avoid touching Docs+Settings by keeping the
      "notetab.ini"/"notepro.ini" in the %program files%. folder in all
      variants of Notetab 5.

      None of the following has been tested - caveat emptor:

      (1) Fool around with command lines options on the shortcuts used to
      invoke the various Notetabs to achieve some or all of what you want:

      * /INI=
      * /F=FavoritesFileName
      * /USB (since 5.2)
      * /USER=FolderName (since 5.0)
      o using the same location for multiple editions of Notetab
      (Pro, Std, Light) should work well but only for Notetab 5.x
      as Notetab 4.x doesn't support the concept of separate
      Programs and Data

      (2) I *THINK* I remember reading once that the name of the notetab ini
      file that is looked for is exactly the name of the executable.

      So rename executables for each as:

      * Notetab_4_std.exe
      * Notetab_5_std.exe
      * Notetab_4_pro.exe
      * Notetab_5_pro.exe

      and put them ALL together in the same common hand-assembled location eg.
      C:\Program Files\Notetab_all\ . This might work well?

      (3) Use JUNCTIONS (see:
      and/or Junction Link Magic (see:
      http://www.rekenwonder.com/linkmagic.htm) to make folders that Notetab
      THINKS are in one location actually BE in different/same locations.

      IF (big IF) it works I think the rename-executables approach is likely
      to come closest to what you want. Once you've made the cut over to
      exclusive use of Notetab 5 I think the /USER=FolderName may be your best
      long term solution.

      Just curious - are there features in Standard that you need/want that
      make you reluctant to commit to Pro (if so which?) or you just trying to
      make sure all your bases are covered?

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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