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20540How to Specify Support Directory Location

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  • Art Kocsis
    Jun 3, 2008

      I was just trying to configure NT 5.61 to match my v4.95 settings and can't
      the place to specify the support directory. [WinXP/SP2]

      In 4.95 it was in the Options | Advanced | Support files Location: which
      the [Applications] MainDirectory key in the INI file. I scanned the NT exe file
      and "MainDirectory" no longer exists in it.

      I want a single user installation and do NOT want to put anything in Docs &
      Settings. I need to have a common support directory for both Notetab Std &
      NoteTab Pro 5.61 as well as 4.95 until I am sure everything works in 5.61.

      Thanks for your help.
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