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20539Re: [NTB] Really basic question....

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jun 1, 2008
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      loro wrote:
      > Alan G wrote:
      >> And for the wrap replace with "Trailing Text^pLeading Text" to take care
      >> of all but the start of the first line and the end of the last line.
      > Right. I missed that it was the same text all the time there too. No
      > RegEx needed then.
      > Lotta
      Hi Alan, Lotta and Terry

      And I would just add a return before the first line and after the last
      line and then go back and delete the first and last lines :-) rather
      than manually add my proceeding and trailing text if I were going to use
      your method.

      However you can do a lot more with either regex (regular expression
      replaces or with clips). Clips are discussed on another list so I won't
      touch them here, but I encourage you to join it. It may seem complex at
      first, but it isn't really.

      I believe if you do this:
      1. open find and replace dialog (control + r)
      2. check the regex box in the bottom center of it
      3. position the cursor at the top of the document (a shortcut way to do
      this is to double click anywhere "blank" on the find dialog as that
      moves the cursor to the start of the file) and be sure search direction
      is down in the drop down of course
      4. put this in the top box: ^(.+)
      5. put this in the bottom box: before$1after

      You will get the outcome you desire for all lines in the file. It will
      even skip blank lines.

      Welcome to notetab, the most used tool in my software bag.

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