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20531Re: Convert .otl to separate .txt files

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  • orkgandalf
    May 30, 2008
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      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, Gerard Huijing <inboxgen@...> wrote:
      > orkgandalf wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi there, i'm looking for an easy way to extract several headings from
      > > one .otl file into separate .txt files. I have the heading title as
      > > the first line of each document. Have we ever had anything being
      > > discussed here around. Hope you can help.
      > >
      > > Appreciate
      > >
      > > Ork
      > I find it difficult to imagine why you should wish to extract headings
      > of an outline (just descriptive names, at least mine are ;-)), and
      > them in separate files, but that is your call.
      > I know of two clips that come near to what you want.
      > One is in the clip library "Outline", written by the late Jody Adair.
      > You can find this library via the NTB website.
      > The clip copies the headings of an outline to clipboard. All you
      have to
      > do is paste and save. But that is one file.
      > The other is a clip that you will find in the archives of the clips
      > message board. I believe it was written by Sheri, but I am not sure.
      > This clip extracts the headings *plus contents* of an outline to
      > separate *.txt files.
      > You could have a look and see if you can edit both or either of them to
      > suit your needs.
      > But, as mentioned in the previous post, this is definitely something
      > the clips list.
      > Good luck,
      > Gerard
      > --
      > Gerard (E.G.P.) Huijing
      > 2312 ZD Leiden
      > Netherlands
      > inboxgen@...

      Hi Gerard, thanks much for the directions. In fact, the second one
      should fit my needs. I'm sorry I wasn't clear but i'm really trying to
      extract the heading **and the contents**, being the heading the name
      of the txt files. I can explain why: I use notetab to take all my
      notes, meeting minutes, diary, and other bunch of things, but i'm
      always worried with possibility of not having the ability to use the
      tool, say, 20 years from now and thus, not able to work with my notes.
      This is the main reason I moved out of Lotus Notes to txt files and
      then, decided to bet on notetab because of the outlines.

      But from time to time, I've got in doubt again and think that the
      safest way is to keep all my notes in single txt files. Then I wanted
      to get a script in advance, so i could revert my outlines to single
      txt files. Thinking again, i realized that if notetab will not be
      compatible with the Windows 2028, i will possibly be able to read the
      .otl file in txt format, and then, use something to revert them back.

      And having the notes in separate txt files, i could also use the
      DarkRoom to edit and take advantage of its wonderful fullscreen ("only
      you and your text") feature plus the ability to use ctrl+mousewheel to
      enlarge the font, which are not available in Notetab.

      I wonder if you also have this kind of existential doubts sometimes.
      Let me know.

      I'll check those clips.


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