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20494Re: [NTB] Re: Need help reformatting split text

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  • Jeff Scism
    Apr 5, 2008
      Jody passed on a little over a year ago. we miss him a lot.


      M. Sean Fosmire wrote:
      > There may well be one or more documents posted online from those who
      > have already done this.
      > Your request for a clip should be posted on the clips forum. As I
      > recall, Jody at that forum has done some bible publications, but it
      > may be that Jody is no longer active there.
      > That being said, you could accomplish this manually:
      > Replace all occurrences of ^P1 with ^P^P1
      > return to top
      > Replace all occurrences of ^P2 with ^P^P2
      > return to top
      > do the same for 3 to 0
      > This adds a blank line between each verse. Then do Ctrl-A to select
      > all text, then Ctrl-J to join all lines that are adjacent to each
      > other (without the blank line)
      > If you want to return the text to its original form, replace each
      > ^P^P with ^P.
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