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20484Re: [NTB] Can notepad find/replace the carriage return characters in a file

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  • Margaret Peloquin
    Mar 31, 2008
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      It depends upon what is being used as the carriage return character.
      Usually in my files it is the paragraph mark ( ^P) and that can be replaced.

      timrneufeld wrote:
      > I am unable to copy/paste the carrige return character.
      > Is this a bug or is it impossible to do in Notetab Pro 5.5?
      > I'm sure I did it before.
      > I want to change a file with a list of words each ending in a carriage
      > return into a row/linw of words separated by "comma space".
      > Any help would be appreciated.
      > Regards, Tim

      Margaret Peloquin, Head Librarian / EVC
      Austin Community College
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