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20456Re: [NTB] very new user

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Mar 3, 2008
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      michaelcbramley wrote:
      > I'm not an experienced pc tools person. I have 2mb of .dat file that I
      > want to read and select some bits of strings that occur in fairly
      > regular 'records'. Is this something I can do with notepad? Could some
      > one kindly give me couple of pointers or direct me toward a tutorial?
      We are noteTAB - much better than notePAD :-)

      Yes you can do exactly what you want.

      To see a couple of the records would be helpful to us in giving advice.
      There is a search function that you can use like in all programs.
      However through the power of clips (little bits of coding that you use
      in notetab) or regular expressions (also called regex) you can do more
      powerful moves.

      If you hit control + f you get search, search for a bit you a looking
      for and then f3 to move to the next instance of the string.

      I would ask this question on a different list called the clips list if
      you want some of the more powerful answers as we get right into it over
      there and try to keep this light and airy :-)

      Welcome, you just found the most useful program on my computer. Once
      you unlock the power you will love it.

      It the alternative if it is a delimited file, there are also other
      options besides this great program including:

      microsoft excel (pay) or open office (free) where you can import your
      data and sort it

      csved (free) that will work with a delimited file and allow powerful sorts

      I would still use this however and use find function or if more is
      desired use either regex or clips.

      Show us a few lines of your stuff if you can and let us know what you
      are wanting to output/sort/do/find etc.

      I would however move it to clips at: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com
      if you are willing.
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