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20321FOLLOW-UP: Notetab losing data problem seems to be solved

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  • ken winston caine
    Nov 27, 2007
      Since I re-loaded Notetab Pro eight days ago, I have not had a repeat
      of the problems I was experiencing.

      (The problems were that Notetab was losing files upon closing, losing
      work done in existing files upon closing, reporting files as binary
      that were not, failing to make incremental backups, etc.)

      Upon reloading Notetab, I lost the cool clips that were created for
      me by hssavage and fw7oaks, (but know I can find them again if needed
      in the message archives here). Mention that, because since re-
      loading, I have not been "flushing" my drive before shutting down.

      Am pretty sure the problem was some kind of corruption in my Notetab
      Pro installation that has resolved itself with a reinstall atop the
      old version.

      I could be wrong, of course. The problem could show up again tomorrow
      morning. But I've gone eight days straight now without a hint of it.

      Thanks again for all the help.