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20162Re: [NTB] How to run clip from command line ?

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  • Sheri
    Oct 16, 2007
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      janderri wrote:
      > Well too bad, if a program that is primary used for script
      > execution isn't even properly able to understand the command-line
      > arguments, my trust level is down to nothing.

      NoteTab is first and foremost a text editor. I doubt many people run
      clips from the command line. Clips are generally run from the open window.

      > From the Helpfile :
      > -------------------
      >> /L=LibraryName:RunClip
      >> Changes the default Clip library to the one indicated by
      >> LibraryName (without extension or path). Optionally use RunClip
      >> to specify a Clip to execute once NoteTab is open.
      >> First of all they leave the user out cold and bargle something
      >> about a RunClip command (correct me if I'm wrong)

      > Then you get to the very first bug, even before NoteTab has even
      > started : It DOESN'T run a clip ...... You need a blank document
      > open ?!? What ? My script will open a blank document by itself,
      > so what's the problem ?

      The documentation for most programs could be improved. In this case
      (as it relates to executing a clip from the command line), iIt would
      be helpful to add the following to the documentation:

      "Command line clips are executed after NoteTab opens. They are
      executed from the Clipbook. The user must insure that NoteTab opens in
      a state that supports clip execution from the Clipbook. For example,
      clips do not run from the Clipbook when [Clip] is the active document."

      > Where in the helpfile does it say that running scripts is NOT
      > possible from the command-line if there are no document open by
      > default ?

      That is not the fact of the matter. NoteTab will run the command line
      clip provided it gets opened in a state that supports clip execution
      from the Clipbook. You can make sure that happens by including an
      existing document name on the command line.

      Here's another solution. Make yourself a Normal template, and specify
      that as your document name. Then you can get a new document and you
      don't have to worry about what was the last previously active document.

      That is, create a file named Normal.tpl. It should have this line at
      the top:

      = DocTemplate "NoName%0.3d.txt"

      Then use this as your command line:

      "C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro 5\NotePro.exe" "C:\Documents and
      Settings\Sheri\Application Data\NoteTab Pro\Templates\Normal.tpl" /NS

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