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20141Re: [NTB] How to run clip from command line ?

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  • Sheri
    Oct 13, 2007
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      As I said before, you need to add the name of an existing file to be
      opened along NoteTab and your clip.

      "C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro 5\NotePro.exe" "C:\Documents and
      Settings\User\My Documents\runcliptxt.txt" /NS /L="Toppy'sLibrary:RunClip"

      Alternatively change your NoteTab options so previously loaded
      documents are not reopened on startup. This is to prevent sometimes
      starting NoteTab with a document that places NoteTab in a state where
      clips do not run from the clipbook (e.g., when "[Clips]" is the
      current document). If you try doing that when NoteTab already open,
      you get an error "Clip cannot be run while [Clip] editor is active."

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