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20135Re: [NTB] Kinda OT... old text-file conversion

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Oct 9, 2007
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      Interviewed by CNN on 9/10/2007 17:23, Hugo Paulissen told the world:
      > Marcelo,
      > You made me curious... Could this be of help for you?
      > Inventec Character Set Conversion Utility
      > This program converts files from one character set to another character set. It can be used to convert files between ASCII and EBCDIC, or between MS-DOS and Windows character sets. The current version supports 41 different character sets.
      > http://www.inventec.ch/download/tools/docs/iicscvt.htm
      Seems very nice. It's *almost* what I was looking for -- freeware,
      command-line, simple to use. It's only fault is that it apparently
      doesn't support UNICODE. Unfortunately, for what I'm trying to do
      Unicode is essential.

      After I sent that message I kept searching, and eventually found a
      program called TextPipe ( http://www.datamystic.com ) that does what I
      wanted -- kinda. It's a Windows application, instead of command-line,
      and has a hundred more options than I needed, in a somewhat confusing
      interface... and it's not free (it actually costs US$ 395,00!!). Like
      using a nuclear missile to kill a fly. But the 30-day demo version is
      fully functional, and so I managed to do the conversion with it. I hope
      I didn't forget a file, though...


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