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20134Re: [NTB] Kinda OT... old text-file conversion

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Oct 9, 2007
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      You made me curious... Could this be of help for you?

      Inventec Character Set Conversion Utility
      This program converts files from one character set to another character set. It can be used to convert files between ASCII and EBCDIC, or between MS-DOS and Windows character sets. The current version supports 41 different character sets.


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      From: Marcelo de Castro Bastos <mcblista@...>
      To: notetab@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2007 5:33:21 PM
      Subject: [NTB] Kinda OT... old text-file conversion

      This is not really on-topic, but I thought somebody here might have a

      I have a bunch of really old, DOS ASCII text files (code-page 850) that
      I want to convert to Windows. The trouble is, they are riddled with
      special characters (graphics blocks, accented characters and such) that:

      a) have to be converted to different code-points in Windows ANSI
      (windows-1252), and
      b) Some of them (like the graphics blocks) in fact have *no* matching
      characters in 1252, only in Unicode.

      What I would like is to find a command-line utility that converts those
      files from code page 850 into some sort of Unicode, preferrably UTF-8
      -- from there, I can take over with no problem.
      A slightly less convenient solution would be a Notetab clip that does
      the same, converting the old characters into either UTF-8 encoding or
      into HTML entities (I suppose I *could* write a clip for that, but it's
      a lot of boring work...)

      Does anybody know of a ready-made solution of either sort?


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