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19962Re: [NTB] iMac and Note Tab

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Sep 1, 2007
      Interviewed by CNN on 1/9/2007 19:57, lfwise45 told the world:
      > Hi,
      > I just got an iMac and want to know if I can now download and use NoteTab with this?
      > Any way to make this happen?
      > And, yes, I'm techinically challenged, LOL!
      Well... NoteTab is for Windows. So, you have to have Windows or some
      sort of Windows-like environment for NoteTab to work in. Some possibilities:

      - Install Windows in parallel to MacOS -- meaning, you have to choose at
      boot if you will work in MacOS or Windows. This pressuposes that your
      iMac is Intel-based, that is, reasonably new (made later than February 2006)
      - Use Parallels, VMWare or similar to run Windows inside MacOS --
      meaning that after loading MacOS, you load a "virtual computer" with
      full Windows.
      - Install an "emulation layer" like Wine, which "deceives" applications
      designed for Windows into working in other operating systems.

      None of these options is really aimed to the beginner. The first two
      also need a full working copy of Windows, which usually involves
      purchasing a Windows license. Also, the two first options involve, well,
      working in Windows. Which goes against the whole point of purchasing a
      Mac, I suppose.

      The third option is what I would do -- no additional software to be
      purchased (Wine is free), and you work inside MacOS (mostly). But it's
      *not* for the faint of heart: even if installation of Wine itself is
      straightforward (I'm not saying it is -- I never attempted installing it
      on a Mac, but I suppose there must be easy-install packages somewhere on
      the Web), setting up individual applications to run in Wine can be
      fiddly. And you will not have the same level of desktop integration you
      can get with a designed-for-Mac app.

      Bottom line? It's technically possible, sure. But not *easy*. And you
      will probably better off with a Mac-specific text editor.

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