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19931[NTB] Re: Command Parameters to run NoteTab Prom NotePro.ini, clipbooks from USB

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  • ebbtidalflats
    Aug 14, 2007
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "Tuttle Grey" <tuttle@...> wrote:
      > ...

      > I'm hoping to find a solution that allows me to create an icon,
      shortcut, file,
      > something *on the same USB flash drive* where NoteTab is installed.
      I'll click that
      > to launch NoteTab on the USB drive along with the /USB switch. I
      don't want to have
      > to "hard code" a drive letter in that, because then obviously it
      won't work on other
      > PCs unless I edit the drive letter each time the USB drive is
      assigned a different
      > letter.
      > Can you offer any solution to do that?


      Anything you do, that would install an icon on the PC where you plug
      in your USB stick will have to involve executing a program.

      You might as well run the btachfile directly, using an autorun.inf
      file, that runs your batchfile or even NoteTab directly.

      But autorun may be deactivated (as it is on any of my PCs), or may
      even result in the entire drive being quarrantined because the
      anti-virus software could interpret such an execution as an attack.

      If you're not familiar with autorun, just look at your typical
      installation CD, to see how they structure it.


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