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19926[NTB] Re: Command Parameters to run NoteTab Prom NotePro.ini, clipbooks from USB

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  • ebbtidalflats
    Aug 13, 2007
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      Judging from the length of this and similar threads, the
      drive letter/datapath of NoteTab is still a mess.

      I don't knwo if this is the solution, but summarizing what
      I have read and experienced in my own installations,
      here is what I would try next:

      1. creat a NoteTab path on the USB drive
      2. create an EMPTY NotePro.INI file in this folder.
      3. Install NoteTab INTO THIS SAME folder

      Now create a shortcut to the executable on the USB stick,
      using the Windows start command:

      start X:\NTP\NotePro.exe /USB

      where "X" is the drive letter of the USB stick.

      This drive letter will not change on the current machine
      (probably) but will likely be different on any other machine.

      This is the problem the /USB switch is supposed to solve,
      but doesn't completely.

      I found it necessary to create the following batchfile
      to set the same driveletter for the USB drive, wherever
      I stick the USB stick:
      @echo off
      rem Use the /USB switch to start NoteTab on USB drive.
      title NoteTab X USB
      FOR %%I IN (D E F G H I J K L) DO if exist %%I:\NTP\NotePro.ini set
      SneakerNet=%%I:&GOTO FOUND
      echo Sneaker Net NOT FOUND!
      goto DONE

      IF EXIST X:\nul subst X: /d
      subst X: %SneakerNet%\
      echo WAIT for this Window to close
      rem start NTP with USB switch
      start /WAIT X:\NTP\NotePro.exe /USB

      IF EXIST X:\nul subst X: /d

      If you're interested in what the various commands do,
      here's an outline:

      First find the location of the USB stick by searching for
      the NotePro.ini file in a ?:\NTP\ folder using a FOR loop
      (my choice for the location of NoteTab on USB).

      Next create an alias for the actual drive, called "X:"
      using SUBST

      Then run NoteTab.

      After ntp exits, remove the alias.

      Finally, create a shortcut on each PC where I use this stick,
      pointing it to ?:\NTP\MySneakernet.bat
      where the "?" is replaced by the actual drive letter.

      The main reason for this Firlefanz is the need to preserve
      hard links in several HTML files, which NoteTab cannot control.
      Side benefit -- you no longer have discardable favorites files,
      as they will always point to the X: drive, not some drive on
      a different machine.


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